Whisky & Music Match for Dad

With Father’s Day only days away, we leaned on our Loqule whisky experts, Scott and Yvette from Dram Club & Gregg Donovan, to share some tips on finding the perfect whisky and the perfect tune match for the old man.

Corb Lund – Pour ‘Em Kinda Strong

Matched with Noah’s Mill Bourbon (USA)

Canadian roots-country singer Corb Lund signs off his Cabin Fever record with this tale of an outlaw on the run, demanding top shelf whiskey from a bartender while keeping one eye on the door for the law.

So if you know what’s good for you/shut up and get the whiskey/And not that trade shit, I want nothin’ but your best.”

Urgent, desperate and powerful at the same time, things don’t quite work out the the anti-hero in this rollicking country stomp but at least he went out with the taste of whiskey on his lips. Equally bold and brash, the Noah’s Mill bourbon – one of Dram Club’s favourite US imports – is equally demanding at 57.2%. The classic Bourbon hallmarks are there with vanilla and smooth corn notes, but this doesn’t play by the rules at all – an elegance in spite of its high alcohol boasting and more than a hint of smoke make this a fantastic drop whatever your opinion of US whiskies is. Smoke from a just-fired gun perhaps?

Midnight Oil – Blue Sky Mining

Matched With Black Gate Single Malt

An Australian anthem for one of Australia’s most exciting new single malt whiskies. This track by Midnight Oil resonated with listeners around the country and the world – a phenomenon Aussie whisky is starting to experience as well.

“So I’m caught at the junction/still waiting for medicine/The sweat of my brow keeps on feeding the engine.”

Rather than choosing one of the established Aussie whiskies, however, we’ve gone for one of the newest drops. The Black Gate distillery is located in Mendooran, not far from Dubbo – west from Sydney’s Blue Mountains. A small farm operation, the whisky is matured for just over two years in small 100 litre sherry casks. It’s got plenty of spice and fruit sweetness, but there’s a distinct Aussie character that puts this apart. The early casks (and we’re talking the 2nd and 4th casks ever filled at the distillery) had something of a diesel note in them, and we say that with the highest appreciation. With cask #5 (the third ever bottling of whisky, the other casks held rum) due in October 2015, the future for hands on, hard yakka Aussie whisky looks good.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah 

Matched with Glen Grant “Five Decades”

A great option for Father’s day. A 50 year old whisky would cost you an arm & a leg, but the ‘Five Decades’ is a way of showing that age with out the price tag in the thousands. It’s right on $200, comes in a nice box & is “limited edition”, so it has the feel of a special release & a sense of occasion. Set your Dad up in a comfy chair & leave him alone with this bottle, a cigar & Leonard Cohen….

Want to spend the day tasting, appreciating and nerding out on whisky with Scotty & Yvette from Dram Club? You can book this experience here.

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