Top 5 with Ben Player

Ben Player (@ben_player) is a professional bodyboarder from Sydney, Australia and a 3 time World Champion. For the past 20 years he’s been travelling the world, surfing some of the most perfect and gnarly waves that our planet has to offer and although he’s one of the most successful guys in the sport has remained a humble legend.

As one of our Loqules on the platform and a very well travelled dude that still loves to call Sydney home, we thought we’d catch up with him to get his take on some of his favourite things.

Fav wave in Sydney?

Shark Island down at Cronulla. It’s a world class wave with a hint of danger and it’s right on Sydney’s doorstep. 


Fav wave outside of Australia?

I love Pipeline in Hawaii, it seems that the more experienced you get out there, the more complicated it becomes. Even after 20 years of surfing it I still get challenged out there. 


Fav place to eat in Sydney?

I really love Ms G’s. Good food and good vibes. We’re pretty lucky in Sydney to have the diversity of cultures we’ve got, creates so much variety of flavours.


Fav place to get a drink in Sydney?

I love just getting a take away beer and driving down to Palm Beach to watch the sunset out the back of my Defender. 


Fav record of all time?

I’d say Radiohead In Rainbows at the moment, and by the moment I mean the past 3 years.



Want to surf with Ben Player? The 3 time world champion will take you bodyboarding with him and give you some tips on areas of your bodyboarding that you’d like to improve.


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