Top 3 places to ride with Kate Peck

Kate Peck (@katepeckme) is a VJ for MTV Australia, model + ambassador for Myer and co-producer/host of ‘A Model Adventure’ on National Geographic People. When she’s not working, you’ll find her fuelling her passion for motorcycle riding, whether riding them, perving on them or reading about them.

As one of our Loqules, she’s offering up the experience to ride hard, fast and free down the southern coal coast of New South Wales. We thought we’d ask her more about her love for riding and have her share her top 3 places to ride around the world.

How did your intense love for riding come about?

I just love everything about riding: the people, the bikes, and the adventure. There is nothing in my world that gives me the same feeling that riding does. My parents ride around the world every year on their motorcycle so I’m pretty sure that has something to do with my obsession. I do recall the spark of this obsession starting with my first trip to Africa 5 years ago, an all-out 2 month motorcycle and charity trip. This was my first ever experience on a bike larger than a scooter and I was like a duck to water.

Since then I have had everything from a 100cc Italian scooter to a 1700cc American monster. On road, off road, no bike is too small, nor too large. I do not discriminate!

What was it like riding through Africa for two months?

Overall Africa was the best country I’ve ridden in so far. We visited Namibia, Botswana and South Africa over the two months. There was a large riding community there too, so we were shown some of the best off and on road riding Namibia and South Africa had to offer. This was my first proper trip on a bike – I was riding a Kawasaki KLR 650 after graduating from a 100cc Paiggio Zipp scooter. Stunning mountains, beaches, colonial settlements, vineyards and safaris… I highly recommend it!

What are your top 3 riding experiences after Africa?


Colombia was incredible. Everything about it was fantastic – the people, the winding roads and the old colonial buildings, small towns and the country side. I even loved the pot holes, local lunatics and traffic. There was a big, friendly riding community there which we caught up with many steps along the way. I was on a BMW 700GS and my parents were on a Suzuki Vstrom 650cc, perfect bikes for that kind of riding.

Columbia 2

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was strange but awesome. I had the biggest bike I saw the entire trip, a 250cc Suzuki Djebel. The people weren’t as friendly as Colombia but the beaches and mountains were beautiful and riding was nuts in a good way. There were terrible roads, many obstacles on and off road and the speed limit was pretty much 50km max, but due to the the unruly traffic of trucks, cows, humans and bikes, you couldn’t really go any faster. The rain also kept us soggy for a large portion of the trip!

Phillip Island Circuit, Victoria

The Phillip Island GP track is a great way to test your personal best in terms of speed without having to worry about traffic. I was on a BMW S1000RR, which is basically a rocket on two wheels!

PI track

Want to ride with Kate Peck? You’ll meet in Sydney and cruise down the south coast of New South Wales for lunch, where she’ll fill you in on more of her riding experiences and tell you how she narrowly avoided death while shooting ‘A Model Adventure’.


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