Top 3 wine bars with Mike Bennie

Mike Bennie (@mikerism101), our resident Wine Guy here at Loqules, is constantly travelling the world’s finest vineyards as a freelance wine and drinks writer, journalist and presenter. He’s an active wine judge in Australia and overseas and a co-founder of the artisan and sustainability-focused Rootstock Sydney food and wine festival.

Mike has a passion for chasing down interesting, unique, boutique, artisan wine producers, focusing on great wines of the world and the loosely-defined category of ‘natural wines’ from biodynamic and organic vineyards. As one of our Loqules, we asked him to give us the scoop on his current top 3 wine bars around the world and what we should try when we visit.

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Top 3 places to ride with Kate Peck

Kate Peck (@katepeckme) is a VJ for MTV Australia, model + ambassador for Myer and co-producer/host of ‘A Model Adventure’ on National Geographic People. When she’s not working, you’ll find her fuelling her passion for motorcycle riding, whether riding them, perving on them or reading about them.

As one of our Loqules, she’s offering up the experience to ride hard, fast and free down the southern coal coast of New South Wales. We thought we’d ask her more about her love for riding and have her share her top 3 places to ride around the world.

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Welcome to Loqules

We’d just finished up interviewing Fletcher Dragge in Hermosa. For the past 60 minutes he’d been talking about Pennywise and the part that they played in the 90’s punk rock movement I was documenting in the documentary ‘One Nine Nine Four’. After the interview, he asked us if we’d like to hear some new Pennywise songs to which we nodded. This actually meant walking into their band room, him putting me on the drum kit and just telling me to play as fast as I could while he sped through some very Pennywise-esque riffs. No vocals. No bass. No timing (I have no idea how to play the drums).

After getting bored from my lack of ability on the drum kit,  he asked if we now wanted to get lunch with him. Of course we did! We walked out to separate cars, us in our hire car and Fletcher in his hotted up beast. He told us we’d get Sushi and to just follow him. So we get in the car and he just gasses it. Matt a good driver in his own right, tries to keep up. Initially we lose him but see him in our sites and gaining on him, then he quickly chucks a right no indicator of course and gasses it again. We just couldn’t keep up with him.

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