Ultimate BOWL-A-RAMA with Corbin Harris

We’re stoked that one of our very first experiences we’re offering Loqules is a collaboration between Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi and professional skater & ┬áTV host Corbin Harris(@corbinharris). Originally from Sydney, Corbin currently resides in Los Angeles where he co-hosts the X Games alongside Tony Hawk and does a bunch of work for NBC too. However having him back in the country for BOWL-A-RAMA, we thought we’d get him involved in an experience that includes a private skate session with him and then VIP access to BOWL-A-RAMA that comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s a pretty rad experience!

So with Corbin back in his hometown and just over a week away until BOWL-A-RAMA, we thought we’d catch up with him and see what he misses the most about Sydney.

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