Street Art, Gorillas and Paddle Ball with Mulga

Sometimes the best part of living in, or visiting, a city is just taking a walk around. The architecture, people, cafés and bars all combine to give a place it’s particular feeling or vibe, and street art has an especial effect on how we experience one city to another. Where skeptics see concrete blocks, street artists see blank canvasses; these guys breathe life into the dullest of corners. One guy who knows a lot about injecting colour into city walls is our resident street artist, illustrator and designer Joel Moore, or Mulga.

Mulga(@mulgatheartist) has enjoyed great success since beginning his artistic career in 2012. He has participated in over 50 shows, won countless awards, and has worked with big brands such as MTV, Microsoft and Adidas. Mulga’s bold murals have become an iconic feature of Sydney’s street art scene, so we caught up with him to get some of his thoughts on the subject and see what he’s been getting up to.

How important do you consider street art to a city’s identity?

I think street art is a big part of a city’s identity. Street art adds flavour and colour to otherwise drab buildings. The more high quality street art there is,  the cooler the neighbourhood is.

Where do you find the main sources of inspiration for your murals?

I love painting magical characters, animals and bearded dudes, so I find my inspiration in all of those sorts of things.

Describe your process from idea to completed work.

My process is pretty simple, I sketch out whatever it is that I want to draw using a reference image, then I paint the colours on and add all the sweet black lines, and finally I write a story about it.

What are you working on at the moment?

I just finished painting a big ole gorilla called Griswald the good vibe gorilla down on the Bondi beach promenade art wall. I painted him in support of OneWave ( a non profit surf community taking depression and other funks by the balls and throwing them into the shorey. On Fridays all around Australia people dress up in fluro and go surfing together. Pretty radical.

The story about Griswald the good vibe gorilla.

Griswald the good vibe gorilla was born with a very special talent. It was the ability to make anyone who encountered him smile. Sometimes it was because of his happy bright colours and other times it was when he told a funny joke like “Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice” and other times it was just the good vibes that he emitted from his being. His favourite place to hang was down at Bondi Beach because he liked to provide good vibes to all the surfers and swimmers and people playing that game with the paddles and ball, is it called paddle ball? That game looks fun. For unknown reasons his vibes are strongest early Friday mornings and you can tell just how strong because a lot of the surfers in the line up turn fluro and have a great time. That’s why they call it #flurofriday. The End.

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