Introducing Gift Vouchers

Xmas time has come around once again and the warm and fuzzy feelings of generosity are setting in. It’s time to get your thinking caps on and work out what will really stoke out those closest to you. But christmas shopping isn’t always straightforward – we all know those people who are impossible to buy for, or just seem to own everything already – and that’s where we step in. 

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Healthy body, healthy mind with Sophie Palmer

Sophie Palmer(@sophiepalmeryoga) is one of our resident yoga and meditation experts at Loqules. After a successful career in the corporate world, Sophie felt as though something was missing and made a significant life change to follow her passions to do what made her happy. She’s now using what she personally learnt through this experience to help others find balance and happiness in their lives through yoga and meditation. We caught up with Sophie to get some insight into her inspiring story.

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Loqules Internships

Loqules is a peer to peer marketplace that connects people with tastemakers that create rad experiences in the lifestyle space of surf, skate, snow, music, art, food, fashion, art and fitness. If you think about how AirBNB that solves the problem of where to stay, Loqules solves the problem of cool stuff to do once you get there.

We’re looking for TWO interns to join us in our Sydney based office and help change the way people experience the world around them.

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Loqules x Chicko Xmas Giveaway

At Loqules our mission is to change the way people experience the world around them and to stoke people out while we do it. We’re fortunate enough to be in a position where we can create memories for people by providing rad experiences. Another organisation that shares the same ethos is Livin; a charity whose mission is to smash the stigma behind depression and live by the mantra “It Aint Weak To Speak”.

This Xmas, Loqules and Livin are teaming up to stoke out a family, spread the message of “It Ain’t Weak To Speak” and create a memory that you’ll share with those closest to you forever.

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Loqules Press Shouts

Although still operating in a public beta, we’ve been fortunate enough that some very nice people at some very nice publications have been interested in writing about Loqules and our mission of changing the way people experience the world around them. Instead of having one of those weird bars on the front page of our website with who has written about us, we decided instead to post a self congratulatory blog post collating them instead! We kid… kinda.

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Loqules x Kisschasy Giveaway

When I was 16 years old I started a record label in high school with some friends called Below Par Records. Throughout the years, we signed some great bands including Something With Numbers, The Scare, Brand New and Yellowcard but our most successful artist in Australia was Kisschasy.

I signed them when I was 19 and was fortunate enough to travel the world with them, make some killer records, watch them grow into a household name and most importantly make lifelong friends.

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Champions of the World

At Loqules we are super lucky to get to work with a bunch of inspiring people that follow their passions and their heart on a daily basis, it makes creating a platform to facilitate rad experiences extremely gratifying. We have a wide range of Loqule experts on our platform that are crushing it and we’re also stoked to have some world champions among the ranks – Scotty James, Ben Player and Harley Ingleby.

We caught up with these guys to pick their brains about what it takes to be the best in your field and recognised as the best in the world at what you do.

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Loqules x Young Henrys Small World Festival

One of the very first people we spoke to about Loqules was Oscar McMahon at Young Henrys and we’re so stoked to have them on our platform. They are absolutely crushing it as usual; this year they released their first gin and have just announced the second year of their Small World Festival.

We’ve teamed up with them to offer a super limited exclusive Small World experience which involves backstage passes, free food and booze all day. You’ll get a backstage tour from Oscar and you’ll be able to watch all your favourite bands from side of the stage. When you’re thirsty go grab a drink on the house and when you’re hungry, help yourself to one of the amazing food options available that day from Porteno, Bloodwood, Mary’s, Cornersmith and Black Betty’s BBQ.

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