Loqules x SurfAid

We recently teamed up with the crew at SurfAid to donate some rad Loqules experiences for their charity auction at the Bucket List in Bondi. SurfAid is a non-profit humanitarian organisation whose aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.


Seeing that the SurfAid event was going to be full of surfers, we decided to donate the Johnny Gannon ‘Surf Training Session’ experience, in which Johnny takes people through a morning of stretching, surfing, working out and refueling. The way Johnny puts it, it’s very similar to how he and Taj spent non competition days on tour for the past 7 years.


Suffice to say the experiences were quite popular and went for 50% over the face value, making $1200 for SurfAid.

A couple of weeks ago, the winning bidders Andrew and Andrea went down to Maroubra Beach to roll out their experience with Johnny. The sun was out, surf was a fun but solid 3 foot and a protein heavy meal helped refuel everyone after the 2 hour surf.



Want to have a personal surf fitness training session with Johnny in Marourba? You’ll spend a few hours training, eating and surfing with one of Australia’s premier surf fitness trainers and Johnny will create you a personalised program to optimise your surfing and lifestyle.


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