Loqules Internships

Loqules is a peer to peer marketplace that connects people with tastemakers that create rad experiences in the lifestyle space of surf, skate, snow, music, art, food, fashion, art and fitness. If you think about how AirBNB that solves the problem of where to stay, Loqules solves the problem of cool stuff to do once you get there.

We’re looking for TWO interns to join us in our Sydney based office and help change the way people experience the world around them.

Why it will be awesome for you:

  • You’ll work directly with and learn from the founding team who over the last 15 years have started and sold a record label to EMI, directed documentaries and worked on projects for brands such as GoPro, Samsung, Universal Music, Disney Pixar and Rusty Surfboards.
  • You will get to join a team whose main focus is stoking people out through rad experiences.
  • You will be surrounded by the inspiring Loqules tastemakers on our platform who range from pro surfers to head chefs to fashion bloggers (and you’ll communicate with them directly).
  • You will live it! We will stoke you out with testing some of our experiences out first hand.

Why you’ll be awesome for us:

  • You will have a passion for the cross section of technology and lifestyle and in particular start ups.
  • You will spend lots of time on social media and have a deep understanding of how social influencers are building their brands.
  • You will be excited to create cool content and your grammar skills will be on point.
  • You will have a formidable knowledge of pop culture and using that to implement new marketing strategies.

We are flexible with times and have a great space in Chippendale. These internships will run for a total of 6 weeks and we’re looking for cool, excited and passionate people to help us build not just a rad experience marketplace but also a lifestyle brand that people will love.

This sums us up – http://blog.loqules.com/change-the-way-you-experience-the-world-around-you/

To apply please email a CV and a short paragraph about why you want to intern at Loqules to [email protected] 

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