Healthy body, healthy mind with Sophie Palmer

Sophie Palmer(@sophiepalmeryoga) is one of our resident yoga and meditation experts at Loqules. After a successful career in the corporate world, Sophie felt as though something was missing and made a significant life change to follow her passions to do what made her happy. She’s now using what she personally learnt through this experience to help others find balance and happiness in their lives through yoga and meditation. We caught up with Sophie to get some insight into her inspiring story.

On leaving the fast paced corporate world

I always knew in my head how important it is to do what you love, whether you’re a musician, a yoga teacher, a chef, a banker, painter, a teacher – whatever makes you happy, you have to follow your bliss!  So there just came a time when I had to let go, trust in the universe and give it a go.  Once I really started listening to my heart, I knew I wanted to spend my days doing what I really loved, and there was no other option really. 

On the changes she first noticed

When you start living authentically, from the truth of what you really love – life becomes a bit more magical!  For me I also found that I started to see things, people and life more clearly.

On what’s been most rewarding

I work for a beautiful organisation called A Sound Life Charity, which was set up by two very dear and truly inspiring friends Edo and Jo.  A Sound Life Charity brings music and yoga to communities and people in need (including healthcare, disability facilities and community centres around Sydney) as a free service. The joy of being able to share music and yoga to these groups of people – and see their faces light up every week, is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in, and really is the highlight of my week.

On advice for others looking to make a change

Don’t be held back by fear.  I always remember the words from Jo (Co-founder of A Sound Life) who so beautifully said; “Follow your bliss, open your heart, live free from fear, love everyone and play in this world”.  I think with that advice, you can never go wrong. 

Sophie was also kind enough to share some tips on the best way to start your day with a clear mind

1 – Cultivating an easy and simple meditation practice that works for you.  Finding the time to sit (comfortably) for 5-10 minutes every morning (before you get stuck into your day, jobs, to do lists etc) is life changing.

2 – Every morning,  check in with your mind when you’re in the shower!  It might sound strange, but when we develop a meditation practice, one of the first things we often learn is to start to witness the mind – trying not to get caught up with all the different stories our mind tells us – as this takes us away from this present moment.  A really nice way to bring this habit into our morning is in the shower.   So next time you’re in the shower, just take a moment to check in with your mind.  Notice if you are actually enjoying the shower, in present moment awareness? Or are we so busy thinking, planning, strategizing about the day ahead, or thinking about the past, that we are completely missing this present moment experience of the shower.    

3 – I still often struggle with this one (out of old habits) but if you can, try and spend the first half an hour every morning away from technology – try to avoid habits of waking up and heading straight to your iPhone, laptop, tablet, or the TV.  Giving ourselves (and our loved ones) this time to start the day with intention, space and perspective.  The emails, messages, do to lists will still be there!  Your mind (and your lover!) will thank you.

You can spend the morning with Sophie in Bondi doing yoga, meditation and refuelling with a fresh smoothie while she shares her inspiring story. Check out here experience on Loqules here.



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