Corbin Harris x Tony Hawk Foundation

Meet Tom. Tom is a 13 year old that loves skateboarding. Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t always have the energy to go skateboarding. He suffers from a disease called Mitochondrial or ‘Mito’ for short, which is a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the bodies cells of energy and causes multiple organ failure. Although, the disease may appear invisible on the outside 20 Australian children are born with it each week and 80% will die before they turn 20. It’s an awful disease!

We heard of Tom’s story through Corbin Harris(@corbinharris) and being a scrappy bootstrapped start up not in a position to write a big cheque, we knew that we could #DoGood by using our platform to make a positive impact on Tom’s life. We invited Tom to be part of our Loqules x General Pants BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi experience with professional skater Corbin Harris, oh, and we also organised a surprise hang out backstage with Tom’s hero, Tony Hawk.

As part of our #DoGood initiative we’re donating the money raised from the experience to the Tony Hawk Foundation. The mission for the Tony Hawk foundation is to empower youth around the world by funding and assisting in the development of public skateparks, and they’re doing a fine job of this – being part of the creation of nearly 1000 skateparks around the world and having 4.8 million people annually enjoy the skateparks that they have helped build.

We also wanted to use this experience and the story to create awareness for mitochondrial disease and the foundation, Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Tom’s mother, Martine has personally helped raise nearly $200,000 for the foundation through her art gallery.

If this story resonates with you, please join us and #DoGood, share it and get involved.

For more information please visit:

Tony Hawk Foundation

Australian Mitochondrial Diseases Foundation









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