Celebrating International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day 2016 and our partnership with UN Women, we thought we’d celebrate our own Loqules girls. These ladies are all doing amazing stuff in their fields – its hard not to be inspired. We caught up with them and asked them to name their proudest achievements to date. 

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Georgia Verrells is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, but is constantly travelling the globe. She specialises in lifestyle photography and capturing the moment.

I think my proudest moment was actually quitting my job working at a financial firm in London back in 2013. I was stuck in a rut of doing the same thing everyday and became deeply unhappy. I needed change and to have new experiences, so I decided to save up and go around the states on my own for 3 months. I ended up working alongside Instagram whilst I was there which was incredible. Fast forward, and I’m now living in Melbourne, I’m running my own wedding photography business, and I can say I’ve worked with some of the biggest names around the world. I would say I’m pretty proud about it all.

My next goal is to really move forward with my photography business and get more weddings booked for 2017. I was thinking of even incorporating my graphic design skills. I’m also looking at traveling more and hopefully booking work overseas. This year is a huge year of growth for me, setting the cement, so to speak. 


Madi Robinson is a professional Australian Netball player, she plays mid-court for the Melbourne Vixens and is a gold medalist for the Australian Diamonds.

My proudest moment on the court was winning a gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and off the court, it was getting married.

My next goal on the court is another premiership with the Melbourne Vixens, and off the court, to continue to pursue my own business aspirations.


Danielle Cross is a Sydney based interior designer and artist who creates unique abstract paintings and prints. Danielle’s works are a dynamic, abstract, textural, emotive and expressive translation

My proudest achievement has been being able to use my creative expression as a full time job, and to know if you hustle and work hard everyday, the universe really does conspire to help you reach you goals.

My next goals? I look to move and expand my brand overseas, in Asia and America with future art shows. I look to continue creating art that is absolutely meaningless but deeply meaningful. l look to create art that doesn’t let you sit on the fence with how it makes you feel.


Claire Van Vuuren, Head Chef and co-owner of Bloodwood in Newtown. Started cooking at 9 years old and trained as a visual artist before combining her loves of food and art to become a chef.

My biggest work life achievement to date is owning and running a restaurant that has been full every day for 6 years. Watching bloodwood grow and mature makes me very proud. The success of bloodwood has provided me with the opportunity to be part of many events/groups that make me proud. Things like; Newtown Locals, charity dinners, TOYS dinners, fundraisers, friendships within the hospitality family.

 My next goal is to open another venue, hopefully later this year. I think expansion and moving on to the next challenge is the direction I am headed in.

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