How we made an impact in 2016

I’d never heard somebody so excited on the phone before. She shrieked as I told her that she would be joining Vans Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman, on his bus for a few days during the summer. Although this was a dream come true for Lanna, a passionate music fan looking for a career into the music industry, the circumstances surrounding this experience weren’t so rosy.

You see in November 2015, whilst driving outside of El Paso, TX, The Ghost Inside’s tour bus collided head on with an 18 wheeler truck. A horrific accident, with unfortunately neither driver making it, and the band and crew left in an intense critical condition.

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Loqules x UN Women

Here at Loqules we’re all about stoking people out with amazing and unforgettable experiences. So its pretty important to us that we to do our part and give something back to those less fortunate than ourselves. With our monthly initiative #DoGood we aim to raise awareness for different and varied causes, both in Australia and worldwide.

This month we are excited to partner with UN Women and their International Women’s Day (IWD) Breakfast in Sydney, by providing incredible experiences which will be used to raise funds and awareness for their cause. We spoke to Zan Schmidt, from the UN Women National Committee Australia, to get some more insight on the important work they do.

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Street Art, Gorillas and Paddle Ball with Mulga

Sometimes the best part of living in, or visiting, a city is just taking a walk around. The architecture, people, cafés and bars all combine to give a place it’s particular feeling or vibe, and street art has an especial effect on how we experience one city to another. Where skeptics see concrete blocks, street artists see blank canvasses; these guys breathe life into the dullest of corners. One guy who knows a lot about injecting colour into city walls is our resident street artist, illustrator and designer Joel Moore, or Mulga.

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3 Loqules Xmas Memories

Here at Loqules we know that Christmas is all about sharing fun times and making memories with the people who matter. We decided to ask a few of our Loqules experts five questions that will give a little insight into their festive routines, and what stokes them out at this time of year.

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