How we made an impact in 2016

I’d never heard somebody so excited on the phone before. She shrieked as I told her that she would be joining Vans Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman, on his bus for a few days during the summer. Although this was a dream come true for Lanna, a passionate music fan looking for a career into the music industry, the circumstances surrounding this experience weren’t so rosy.

You see in November 2015, whilst driving outside of El Paso, TX, The Ghost Inside’s tour bus collided head on with an 18 wheeler truck. A horrific accident, with unfortunately neither driver making it, and the band and crew left in an intense critical condition.

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Chef Louis Tikaram x Uber

In June we made the big move to relocate our HQ to Los Angeles, California – Venice Beach to be precise. Our mission remains the same, to use positive experiences to improve people’s lives. Through our #DoGood initiative we regularly donate experiences to non-profits and have partnered with United Nations Women, Tony Hawk Foundation, SurfAid and Vinnies to name a few. This year alone we’ve helped raise over $50,000 for the non-profits we work with.

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City2Surf x Vinnies

This August Loqules will be teaming up with Vinnies and F45 Training to participate in one of Sydney’s most iconic events – City2Surf

Our #DoGood initiative is all about using our incredible experiences to raise awareness for, and give back to those in need. The St Vincent de Paul Society – Vinnies – is one of Australia’s largest and best-loved charities, so we’re stoked to be on side. This huge international organisation targets social injustice and gives compassion and empowerment to the disadvantaged. 

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Corbin Harris x Tony Hawk Foundation

Meet Tom. Tom is a 13 year old that loves skateboarding. Unfortunately, Tom doesn’t always have the energy to go skateboarding. He suffers from a disease called Mitochondrial or ‘Mito’ for short, which is a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the bodies cells of energy and causes multiple organ failure. Although, the disease may appear invisible on the outside 20 Australian children are born with it each week and 80% will die before they turn 20. It’s an awful disease!

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Kevin Lyman x Vans Warped Tour

We​ are proud to announce that our latest #DoGood initiative and very first US experience will be in partnership with the Vans Warped Tour. We’ll be working with Kevin Lyman and the 4Fini ​team to raise funds in aid of L​os Angeles-based​ band The Ghost Inside​. In​ November of 2015, The Ghost Inside was involved in a horrific bus accident ​that left ​both band members ​and crew with life changing injuries and incredibly high medical bills.

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