Almost Famous with Monte

Michael Tramonte(@monteenwolf) or “Monte” as he is affectionately known to many is a good friend of ours at Loqules and also happens to play bass in awesome Australian rock band The Delta Riggs. He will tell you his official title is “Bass & Backing Vox” and if you’ve ever been to a Riggs show, you will see him harmonising his little heart out. The Delta Riggs are going from strength to strength at the moment, they were just announced on Groovin The Moo, have recently returned from a US tour and are about to head back to the US for SXSW in March but not before opening for the Foo Fighters on their stadium sized national Australian tour.

Monte’s a busy guy but we caught up with him to give us 3 of his favourite tour stories.


Touring with Kasabian reinstalled my faith in being able to be a massive band without a shitty attitude. These guys were all legends, from the get go. From the first show in Perth, to the last in Brisbane the lads were affable and amicable, going over and above what is generally considered normal hospitality from headline bands.The highlight of this already awesome tour was definitely Brisbane, where Tom (Meighan) came out for the encore wearing a Delta Riggs jacket with two fingers in the air.  He started beckoning us on stage to join him “ Where The Fuck Are The Delta Riggs” and got us all up to join them on their closing song Fire.  We had a pretty massive night out in Adelaide with Serge, Chris, Tim and Ben too that turned into a night of shambolic antics.


Jimmy Page

This is one of those surreal, once in a million type scenarios that fortuitously happened upon us at Notting Hill Arts club. Literally one minute prior to taking the stage to about 80 odd people in a tiny room, Simon (drums) came up to me and informed me that the great Jimmy Page was present in our swollen audience.I scanned the room and sure enough there he was. It was a huge WTF moment. After playing a pretty good set, with sporadic technical difficulties, in which I saw Mr Page tapping his foot along and bopping his head (to ‘Supersonic Casualties’ and ‘Rah Rah Radio’ namely), we approach him to ask him simply “What The Fuck”? Turns out he lived up the road and enjoys checking bands out from time it time here, we lucked out that he was in that night. We acquired his address and went our separate ways, but have sent him some records since which again is a surreal thing. Who has the luxury of mailing Jimmy Page their records these days.


Foo Fighters

So we had just returned on a 14 hour flight from LA, prior to which we played a rad show in LA at the Satellite, which then led into a bender of sorts until 8am the next morning licking our wounds. So needless to say after the flight we were all pretty fucking spent. After clearing customs back in Sydney, we were given the news that Foo Fighters management was actually at the last show we played, really dug it and dialled it into back home that they want us on the National FF tour in February. Another WTF moment. That should end up on True Hollywood Story one day, I honestly didn’t think that shit happened anymore and I guess the old adage of “Only In America” applies to this. So we are looking forward to our first ever stadium tour!

Want to share a few beers with Monte and have him tell you more road stories whilst showing you his favourite places to drink and dine in Sydney?


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