5 fitness tips to work off the holiday binge

We enlisted the help of one of our Loqules Johnny Gannon (@johnnygannon) to provide our community with 5 fitness tips to work off the holiday binge you’ve been enjoying over the Xmas and New Year period.

Johnny Gannon is a professional surf fitness trainer. He was born and raised in the beachside town of Maroubra, Sydney and for the past 7 years he has travelled as Taj Burrow’s full time trainer on the ASP World Tour. Johnny has created a lifestyle that produces happier, healthier and stronger surfers while also getting to surf some of the best waves in the world.

Johnny has come up with 5 exercises for a full body workout that anyone can do regardless of where they are. He would do these to stay fit when on the road with Taj and didn’t have access to a gym or training equipment. This workout covers every aspect of fitness and will work on your strength, flexibility, cardio and mobility. Johnny suggests getting outdoors, taking your shoes off and making it fun and social with friends or family.

Circuits: 5 circuits
Frequency: 2 to 3 times per week
Results: Strength Gains, Body Composition, Increased Flexibility, General Well Being

Exercise #1 – Push Up with shoulder stability
Reps: 10
Tips: Corkscrew hands into ground so shoulders come into external rotation for an organised stable shoulder. Squeeze the glutes and tense the stomach like somebody is going to punch you.


Exercise #2 – Walking Lunge
Reps: 20
Tips: As you step forward the knee should stay directly above the ankle not over it. Body should stay upright. To add increased difficulty place your hands behind your head.


Exercise #3 – Reverse Pull Up
Reps: 10
Tips: If you don’t have a cable, you can just use a beach towel. Keep elbows pulled into rib cage for organised strong shoulder, squeeze glutes and brace belly.


Exercise #4 – Body Weight Squat
Reps: 10
Tips: Make sure to hinge at the hips before dropping into the squat. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Once thighs are parallel with the ground drive your feet away from each other and squat back up into standing position.


Exercise #5 – Skip
Reps: 2 minutes
Tips: You can use as a warm up or at the end of each circuit to get the heart rate up. Aside from cardio, skipping is also great for your posture as it forces you to keep your shoulders back.



Want to have a personal surf fitness training session with Johnny in Marourba? You’ll spend a few hours training, eating and surfing with one of Australia’s premier surf fitness trainers and Johnny will create you a personalised program to optimise your surfing and lifestyle.


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