3 Loqules Xmas Memories

Here at Loqules we know that Christmas is all about sharing fun times and making memories with the people who matter. We decided to ask a few of our Loqules experts five questions that will give a little insight into their festive routines, and what stokes them out at this time of year.










Matthew Gillet is a surfer, artist and art gallery curator based in Scarborough, and he loves a tank float session.

Describe your ideal Christmas meal.  

Ideal Christmas meal is all the tasty “everything mum cooks”. All indulgent with no rules on what goes in the mouth or when; ham, chocolate, turkey, pudding, chicken, lolllies and of course mum’s famous pudding she has made for over 30 years. It’s a family recipe that’s been passed down through the generations – and for which I have been chosen to carry the pudding torch in the future.










Sydney’s best-fed trio the Hanna sisters run the food blog and instagram ‘Eating up with the Hannashians’.

Most exotic Christmas location?

Greenacre (near Bankstown). Many people have never visited this exotic suburb in Western Sydney. It’s where our Mum grew up and where we spend Christmas every year.









Darren Cordeux is a songwriter, musician and producer. Frontman of Australian rock band, Kisschasy.

What’s the strangest/coolest gift you’ve received?  

My dad bought me what was clearly a purple girls bike when I was about 10. He insisted it was a boy’s bike. I got beaten up riding around the block because I had a girls bike.

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